The Economic Scorecard

Scorecard Covers

The most comprehensive way to dive into your region’s economy is with The Economic Scorecard.

We help you set goals for success by identifying the communities you currently compete against, as well as help you think big by identifying aspirational communities you would like to emulate.

We select four economic inputs necessary to create a vibrant and successful economy and use a formula to create a Scorecard Index for each. We then measure your community and compare it with your competitive and aspirational communities and the U.S. average.

Below are sample indices with the data inputs needed to determine each Scorecard Index:

1. Human Capital Index

  • Knowledge Workers
  • High School Graduates
  • College Graduates
  • Employment Rate
  • Young Professional Population

2. High Impact Clusters Index

  • High Impact Density
  • Employment Diversity
  • Employment Per Square Mile
  • High Wage Employment
  • High Impact Growth

3. Entrepreneurial Environment Index

  • Concentration of Small to Mid-sized Businesses
  • Total Establishments
  • Proprietors’ Income Share
  • Business Services

4. Quality of Life Index

  • Culture and Recreation
  • Travel Congestion
  • Crime Rate
  • Health Care Access

By measuring your community against the competition, you will see your strengths and weaknesses emerge. In highlighting existing deficiencies, The Economic Scorecard provides a powerful tool for change. Your stakeholders will understand specific challenges facing your community’s social and business environment. Presented in an easy-to-understand chart and graph format, this comparative data analysis leads to communitywide discussion, engagement and brainstorming of solutions.

As we analyze each Scorecard Index, we tell the story of  programs, organizations and individuals currently working in those sectors  with words and photographs. This editorial content helps to humanize the data, make it  more understandable and brings it to life in a story-driven format.

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