About Us

Visual Infonomics Group empowers communities with data. We visualize economic information to make it understandable and to galvanize support in your community.

We draw on the strength of our team members’ experience and creativity to provide our clients with products that will tell their story.

Visual Infonomics Group is a division of BridgeTower Media.

Ryan Wilcox – Creative Director

Ryan is our project leader and chief strategist. He works with you to identify the drivers of your economy and align them with the goals of your organization.  He leverages his design talent to transform data and complex concepts into visually pleasing and easy-to-understand graphic images. His understanding of  economic development challenges and outcomes combined with his creative abilities ensures your project will be a success.

rwilcox@visualinfonomics.com  |  843.849.3117

Mark Wright
Mark Wright – Director of Business Development

Mark has more than 15 years’ experience in publishing, including custom magazine creation and coordination for entities  including chambers of commerce, convention and visitor bureaus, government and economic development organizations. His experience in leading clients from concept to final product is why our clientele use our custom media services again and again.

mwright@visualinfonomics.com  |  843.849.3143

Brand Ambassadors

With years of experience working in economic development media Grady Johnson and Steve Fields facilitate your community engagement and ensure your project meets its goals.

Grady Johnson

Grady Johnson – President and Group Publisher

gjohnson@visualinfonomics.com  |  843.849.3103

Steve Fields – Vice President

sfields@visualinfonomics.com  |  843.849.3110


Editorial Team

The editorial team will tell your story and ensure all  editorial content meets the highest standards.

Steve McDaniel

Steve McDaniel – Editor

smcdaniel@visualinfonomics.com  |  843.849.3123

Research and Analysis

Our staff digs deep to find the data and facts that matter.

Liz Hodges

Elizabeth Hodges – Data Analyst

lhodges@visualinfonomics.com  |  843.849.3105


Design and Production

The design team ensures your project leaps off the page to engage readers.

Jane James

Jane James – Senior Graphic Designer

jjames@visualinfonomics.com  |  843.849.3118

Andrew Sprague

Andrew Sprague – Graphic Designer, Videographer

asprague@visualinfonomics.com  |  843.849.3118

Kim McManus

Kim McManus – Staff Photographer, Event Planner

kmcmanus@visualinfonomics.com  |  843.849.3116